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Mold Remediation

mold-remediation1The Mold Pros uses a five-step process for its mold remediation service. This five-step process ensures that the mold in your home or business has been completely eradicated.

Phase I – Discovery and Detection:

The first part of the process is finding the mold. The Mold Pros’ experienced technicians take environmental samples and do a visual inspection of the premises. The technicians also perform a “building physical,” including a comprehensive biological collection protocol. Furthermore, a complete sampling method locates all toxic molds, pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

We also identify the source of the water problem, which could be a roof leak, a wet basement or leaking plumbing. We also explain ventilation and the use of the ventilation fans in the bathrooms and kitchen to make sure you do not introduce moisture, which can encourage the growth of more mold.

Phase II – Pre-Testing:

The Mold Pros uses an independent lab to analyze the test cultures for viability. The results are certified by the lab. If the lab finds no contamination, your home or business is certified as free from contamination. If the lab test results are positive, The Mold Pros discusses a treatment and maintenance plan with you.

Phase III – Treatment:

Technicians come to your home or business and begin The Mold Pros’ remediation process using The Mold Pros’ proprietary formulas. The proprietary process is conducted by our professionally trained technicians only. Flexible scheduling allows for remediation treatments to be completed during the work day, nights or weekends. Our enzymatic solutions are applied to the surface areas, atomized behind walls and in air ducts to ensure mold contaminations are effectively treated.

Phase IV — Post Testing:

Once the remediation has been completed, The Mold Pros returns within 48 to 72 hours to test the treated surfaces. We provide the data analyses to you on a confidential basis so that you can see that all mold has been eradicated and that the treated areas are now safe.

Phase V — Prevention:

Our technicians educate you on our remediation program as well as prevention and maintenance plans. These plans are tailored to your home or business and help prevent future outbreaks. Several actions by you will help keep mold from recurring, including using ventilation fans, keeping the humidity in your home or workplace between 30 and 50 percent and avoiding use of carpeting in areas that get wet, especially in bathrooms.

Our trained technicians also adhere to all EPA guidelines for mold remediation and testing procedures.


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