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About Us

The Mold Pros began with a simple goal: Find a better way to remediate indoor air quality issues.

Dealing with mold in your home or business is scary enough.  Adding toxic chemicals, tearing things apart, and creating a bigger mess than you started with didn’t seem like much of a solution.  We knew we could solve the problem safely, easily, quickly, and affordably-–– and we have.

Our roots date back to the founding of National Remediation Inc. in 2009. The vision was to safely and effectively treat indoor mold issues without the use of harmful chemicals or toxins. In 2011, we became affiliated with Midwest Environmental Professionals (MEP). Based in the Kansas City metro area, MEP worked with several health care providers which specialized in mold related health concerns. 2013 brought the development of our Proprietary Formula. Used exclusively by The Mold Pros, our proven safe-and-effective bio-enzyme solution treats mold naturally… with science! Bio-enzymes naturally break down mold and mold spores, leaving behind a fresh smell and none of the potentially harmful residues or gases that result from the chemicals or biocides typically used in remediation.

The Mold Pros safely and effectively treats indoor mold issues without the use of harmful chemicals or toxins.

Our business grew to address many of the moisture issues that contribute to indoor mold growth including crawl space encapsulation, foundation and basement crack repair and installation of home ventilation and dehumidification systems.

In 2015, Florida Mold Testing and Remediation joined our family of companies. Today, our service area stretches beyond the Midwest, and we’ve changed our name to better reflect who we are–– The Mold Pros!

What sets us apart?

  • Nature vs. Nature

Rather than chemicals or biocides (which can be effective BUT often leave behind odors, VOCs, and other residues that can be harmful), we use our own natural Proprietary Bio-Enzyme Formula.

  • No Unnecessary Demolition!

Because our system doesn’t require unnecessary deconstruction, you save time and money when you use our mold remediation services.

  • High Quality is Standard

To date, there are no federal standards established for acceptable mold levels, and only a few states have licensing requirements, so most mold remediation is unregulated.  The Mold Pros developed a standard bio-remediation protocol to help ensure the same high quality standards for all mold remediation each and every time.

  • Testing Before and After

TMP can conduct indoor air quality testing for mold and allergens. We are one of a few remediation firms that tests for mycotoxins (toxins produced by certain types of molds).  When the mold remediation process is complete, post test sample analysis by an independent lab can be obtained to ensure that your mold problem has been resolved.

  • Our Knowledgeable Technicians are Certified and Insured.

TMP technicians adhere to EPA guidelines for mold remediation and testing procedures.

They will explain the process of mold remediation using our green method, how mold gets into your home and how to keep mold from returning by showing you what to look for, such as roof leaks, ground water problems and new cracks. Our trained technicians also address hidden mold issues.  For example, our process can treat mold in your air conditioning ducts so when you turn your HVAC system on, it doesn’t spread the mold into other areas.

Who uses The Mold Pros non-toxic mold removal services?

  • Big box retailers
  • National restaurant chains
  • Department stores
  • Realtors and property managers
  • Homeowners and small businesses

The Mold Pros performs testing and remediation for health clinics specializing in mold health related issues.

The best way to address mold issues is to treat it professionally. Call The Mold Pros or complete and submit the “Speak with a Mold Pro” form to ask questions about mold, our process or to schedule a time to test your home or business for mold.

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