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Eco-Friendly Mold Removal & Inspection


Why should you use TMP for your Commercial Mold Remediation and Indoor Air Quality Concerns?

Natural & Non-Toxic Approach

TMP’s Natural, Non-Toxic approach to Mold issues in commercial buildings supports a Reduction in Business Interruption compared to other remediation companies.

  • Less destructive process, utilizing proprietary enzyme solutions that biodegrade the mold on contact, resulting in a faster more effective remediation project.
  • Unlike traditional remediation companies, TMP utilizes Non-Hazardous and Non-Flammable solutions to address mold issues on textiles. If your commercial loss is related to an insurance claim, the Insurance Adjuster will also appreciate minimizing your loss of use and loss of revenue.
  • Less textiles discarded and onsite treatment vs shipping textiles to off-site plants. This means your textiles and other soft goods and contents are treated with a natural product at a fraction of the cost.
  • Ideal for Commercial, Multi-family, Food Service, Industrial and Health Care facilities.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind with the TMP Exclusive Remediation Guarantee!

Confidential & Professional

Confidential, Professional, Back Ground Checked and Drug Screened TMP Team Members:

  • Upon request un-branded TMP Team Members are dispatched to your Commercial Building via non-logoed vehicles.
  • The TMP Teams are trained to protect our Clients Brand through confidential, professional services.
  • After hours and weekend projects available to reduce business interruption.

Strong Communication

The TMP Teams understand tenant and employees’ concerns within your commercial building and properly communicate strategy and treatment options to the Property Owner.

A Better Remediation – TMP Can Address Mold and Mycotoxin Issues!

  • A Standard Remediation Company utilizes HEPA filtration, during the project which can leave behind harmful mold toxins. Ask us how advanced filtration can address mold and mycotoxin concerns.

Case Studies show the TMP advanced filtration (much greater than HEPA) is a powerful process that will remove Mycotoxins from a commercial or residential structure.

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