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Memnoniella sp.

Mitosporic fungus. Hyphomycetes.


Approx. 5 species.

Where Found

Plant litter, soil, many types of plants and trees.

Mode of Dissemination

Dry spore.


Not studied.

Potential Opportunist or Pathogen

Not known.

Potential Toxin Production

Trichothecenes (trichodermol and trichodermin) and griseofulvins. Trichothecene toxicity is due to the ability to bind ribosomal protein. Griseofulvin has been made commercially available as an anti-dermatophyte drug.

Growth Indoors

Yes, on a variety of substrates.

Industrial Uses

Not known.

Other Comments

Very closely related to Stachybotrys.
M. echinata produces acetic acid.

Used with permission from EMLab P&K

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