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Over 38 years of experience in safety, environmental investigations, compliance training and project development. Have performed hundreds of safety audits for both private industry and government agencies. Guest speaker for The Department of Defense, Department of Energy and many fortune 500 companies on chemical safety. Have managed large scale environmental projects for the Department of the Army.

Work History:

1974-1984 Senior Haz-Mat Officer for the Cook County Sheriff’s Office (Cook County, Illinois) Responded with team members to hundreds of hazardous materials events ranging From abandoned chemicals to crime scene investigation involving explosives and Reactive chemicals.

1984 Instructor for OSHA at the OSHA National Training Center in Des Plaines, ILL

1985-1995 Safety Manager for Emergency Technical Services Corporation. A national Emergency Response company that managed high-risk projects for the U.S. Government and Private industry. Owner of a specialized testing laboratory in Schaumburg, IL that focused on the identification of unknown chemicals and gases.

1995 Instructor for the USEPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency). Trained EPA inspectors at regional offices throughout the country. Training courses were specific to hazardous materials at government facilities with an emphasis on health and safety.

Contributing author for the EPA guidance document on managing chemical hazards at FUD (Formerly Used Defense Sites). Also contributing author for the Life Safety Manual American Chemical Society.

1995-1997 Instructor for ETSC Training & Consulting, Inc. Instructed OSHA related courses for the Department of Defense, Department of Energy and select private industries.

National training instructor for CITGO Petroleum Company and Abbot Laboratories.

1997-1999 Senior Project Manager for Plexus Scientific, Silver Springs, MD. Responsible for Project Manager for large scale environmental restoration efforts at defense facilities (Joliet Army Ammunition Plant and the Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant).

1999-2004 Environmental & Safety Consultant for private industry and Insurance companies. Developed written plans and protocols for hundreds of remediation projects.

2004-2008 Vice President for Industrial Hygiene and Laboratory Services (Clean Air Inspections and Clean Air Laboratories) Naples, Florida and Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

2009-2011 Independent Environmental Consultant (Industrial Hygiene Services, LLC) providing investigative consulting for insurance companies, corporations and private concerns. Focused on
hazardous environments and infectious diseases.

2011-2014 Sr. Technical Director /Corp Health & Safety for Hygienic Solutions, FCR and Global Hygienic. Responsible for scientific technical assistance to national and International clients. Responsible for the identification and vetting of new disinfectants for disease causing pathogens. Primary Operations Manager for Global Hygienics businesses in the Republic of Panama with a focus on training and education of Health care facilities in the application of new disinfectants and their role in infection control.

2014-Present Industrial/Environmental/Safety Consultant for private Industry. Industrial Hygiene Services, LLC

Training Courses attended and certifications obtained: U.S Army Hazardous Materials Training Center, Redstone Arsenal

Certified Hazardous Materials Technician (1974) FBI-ATF courses Safety and Hazardous Materials (1978) Safety Inspector Training-ETSC Training & Consulting (1994) USDOT Transportation of Hazardous Materials ((2001) Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) courses and technical conferences ((2003-2009), CIAQM (certified Indoor Air Quality Manager) through ACAC.

Appointed as a Director for the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization (2009)

Training Courses Taught:
OSHA (1910.120) for CITGO Petroleum and Service Master Corporation. EPA Hazardous Materials Response at Defense Facilities (delivered to USEPA Inspectors) Management of High-Hazard Materials (delivered to the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Abbott Laboratories, Monsanto, Johnson & Johnson and the University of California.

Indoor Air Quality and DNA analysis (delivered at several IAQA Meetings and conferences) Indoor Air Quality and infectious organisms (IAQA)


USEPA Office of Research & Development (1993) “Management of Highly Hazardous Materials at Formerly Used Defense Facilities.”

Handbook of Chemical Health & Safety (American Chemical Society) Oxford University Press-2001. Section V. Chemical Management

National Hospital Inspection Report for CSS in the Republic of Panama. 2013

Orlando Medical News (January 2015)”Private Sector Response to Infectious Diseases”


University of Illinois 1964-1965 Under Grad studies Columbia 1965-1966-Under Grad studies Roosevelt
Univ. 1966-1967 MS, Pre-med/chemistry

References: Edward Sobek, PhD, Assured Bio Labs, Oak Ridge, TN Steven Parkhurst, CIH, Advanced Building Diagnostics, Fort Myers, FL

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I have a family of four that have had moderate to severe health issues of an unknown origin. Several months ago we discovered that the probable source of these health issues is mold in our home. Although our home appeared very clean, DNA testing on dust samples showed very high levels of dangerous molds. Despite numerous inspections, no source of the mold was ever found. We tried a couple of different mold bomb type remediations. Subsequent DNA testing showed no improvement. We hired The Mold Pros to remediate our home. Over two months later we repeated the DNA testing. The results were phenomenal! We shared the information with our infectious disease doctor. He agreed that the TM-100 was completely effecting in resolving our environmental issues.



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