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Odor Control

Our odor control formula is made with natural ingredients, including plant-based extracts and natural enzymes. The enzymes in the formula bind with the molecules that cause odor, which causes elimination of the odor.

Most material retains the odor in the room. Even though you may vacuum and clean the room, household odors can become embedded into the furniture, carpets and window treatments. If you have pets, you may notice a “pet smell”,  especially if your dog was outside in the rain. It can seem impossible to get rid of the wet dog smell, no matter how hard you try. That is because the odor molecules stay in porous materials. Our natural odor control treatment safely and effectively removes smoke, pet and other household odors.

The Mold Pros’ odor control formula is safe to use on all surfaces and can be used around pets and people, thus it is suitable to use in the home environment and the business environment.

If you are experiencing odor issues in your home, whether from household odors, smoke, or just from wet dog syndrome, call The Mold Pros or complete and submit the “Speak with a Mold Pro” form to ask questions about our odor control process or to schedule a time to treat your home.


I have a family of four that have had moderate to severe health issues of an unknown origin. Several months ago we discovered that the probable source of these health issues is mold in our home. Although our home appeared very clean, DNA testing on dust samples showed very high levels of dangerous molds. Despite numerous inspections, no source of the mold was ever found. We tried a couple of different mold bomb type remediations. Subsequent DNA testing showed no improvement. We hired The Mold Pros to remediate our home. Over two months later we repeated the DNA testing. The results were phenomenal! We shared the information with our infectious disease doctor. He agreed that the TM-100 was completely effecting in resolving our environmental issues.



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